How to Engage an Unconverted Person — John MacArthur

rp_John-Press-01-300x298.jpg“If you are going to engage an unconverted person in a genuine presentation of gospel truth. Where there can be hope that in the grace of God they can be regenerated. If you are going to engage a person in that regard, it is precisely at the point at which they do not believe the Bible, the engagement has to take place…You can’t go around the issue that offends. If you’re going to talk to a Jewish person about the gospel and they’re offended over the deity of Christ they will be damned unless they embrace that. If you are going to talk to a Muslim and they are offended about the deity of Christ or the Trinity they will never be saved until they believe that. It is at that very point at which they must submit. If you are going to talk to a Roman Catholic and sola fide or sola gratia offends them you have to attack at that point, because it is only when they cease believing lies and believe the truth that they can be redeemed.”

– John MacArthur
taken from: The Attack on the Bible, address given at War on the Word: Ligonier Ministries’ 2002 National Conference. You may watch this entire Conference online for free here at the Ligonier Ministries’ web page.