Do Not Neglect So Great A Salvation: Come to Christ — George Whitefield (Quote of the Day)


George Whitefield,

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Remember then, that at such an hour of such a day, in such a year, in this place, you were all told what you ought to think concerning Jesus Christ. If you now perish, it will not be for lack of knowledge. I am free from the blood of you all. You cannot say I have been preaching damnation to you. You cannot say I have, like legal preachers, been requiring you to make bricks without straw. I have not bidden you to make yourselves saints, and then come to God; but I have offered you salvation on as cheap terms as you can desire.

I have offered you Christ’s whole wisdom, Christ’s whole righteousness, Christ’s whole sanctification and eternal redemption, if you will but believe on him. . . .

Why do we not entertain more loving thoughts of Christ? or do you think he will have mercy on others, and not on you? But are you not sinners? and did not Jesus Christ come into the world to save sinners? If you say you are the chief of sinners, I answer, that will be no hindrance to your salvation; indeed it will not, if you lay hold on him by faith. Read the Evangelists, and see how kindly he behaved to his disciples who fled from and denied him: “Go tell my brethren,” says he. He did not say, Go tell those traitors, but, “Go tell my brethren, and Peter”, as though he had said, Go tell my brethren in general, and poor Peter in particular, “that I am risen;” O comfort his poor drooping heart, tell him I am reconciled to him; bid him weep no more so bitterly; for though with oaths and curses he thrice denied me, yet I have died for his sins, I am risen again for his justification: I freely forgive him all. Thus slow to anger, and of great kindness, was our all-merciful High Priest. And do you think he has changed his nature, and forgets poor sinners, now that he is exalted to the right hand of God? No, he is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever, and sitteth there only to make intercession for us. Come then ye harlots, come ye publicans, come ye most abandoned of sinners, come and believe on Jesus Christ. Though the whole world despise you, and cast you out, yet he will not disdain to take you up. O amazing, O infinitely condescending love! even you he will not be ashamed to call his brethren. How will you escape, if you neglect such a glorious offer of salvation? What would the damned spirits, now in the prison of hell, give, if Christ were so freely offered to their souls? And why are we not lifting up our eyes in torments? Does any one out of this great multitude dare say, he does not deserve damnation? If not, why are we left, and others taken away by death? What is this but an instance of God’s free grace, and a sign of his good-will towards us? Let God’s goodness lead us to repentance! O let there be joy in heaven over some of you repenting! Though we are in a field, I am persuaded the blessed angels are hovering now around us, and do long, “as the hart panteth after the water-brooks,” to sing an anthem at your conversion. Blessed be God, I hope their joy will be fulfilled.

– George Whitefield (1714-1770)
taken from: Sermons on Important Subjects. With A Memoir of the Author, by S. Drew &c

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