Carl Trueman on the Elephant Room & James McDonald

Carl Trueman,

By pre-empting criticism as `discernmentalism’ he [James MacDonald] is in effect saying, in a manner reminiscent of Charles DeGaulle speaking of France, `L’orthodoxie? C’est moi!’ This is further confirmed by his dismissal of Nicene orthodoxy as non-essential. That latter is, of course, about as sectarian a move as one could make. Orthodoxy becomes what these men decide it is and the rest of us can get with the program or get out of the way…..Church history from Paul onwards teaches that the faith cannot be maintained simply by making general, positive statements of doctrinal positions. It can only survive when those crossing the line are called out by name and, if necessary, shown the door. Silence is golden in many cases but not when it comes to speaking the truth. After a while, that silence becomes deafeningly eloquent….[Read entire article at the Mortification of Spin]